Is there a sales office on site?

No, there is no sales office. Everything can be done remotely through our website including signing the lease agreement.

Are there set hours to access the facility?

Yes, you will be able to access the gate from 6am-11pm. If you need additional gate access you can call to set up an appointment.

Do I need to bring my own lock?

Yes, you will need to bring your own lock for your unit. We strongly recommend and encourage you to use a disk lock for your unit. 
*It is your responsibility to maintain a lock on your unit at all times. If you do not, we will red lock your unit and you will be subject to a $25 fee. 

How does pricing work if I rent a unit on any day besides the 1st?

We prorate the unit. You will be charged a security deposit equal to one months rent along with a portion of the monthly rental cost. The following month on the 1st, the full rental amount will be due.

How do I move out of my unit?

You will have to notify Stark Storage of your move out 5 days before your move out. We do not prorate on your move out day. In order to receive your security deposit refund, you will need to send a picture of your empty unit with your unit number visible. If you do not send a photo, YOUR DEPOSIT WILL NOT BE REFUNDED. 

What can I store in a storage unit?

Can Be Stored: furniture, appliance, clothes, electronics, books, vehicles

Cannot Be Stored: food, live animals, firearms & ammunition, drugs, flammable & combustible items like gas, propane tanks, fireworks and car batteries. At no time are you or anybody else permitted to live in the unit. If we determine you are not following these rules will result in automatic termination of the agreed upon lease.

What do I need to rent a storage unit?

A government issued ID and a credit card or checking account on file at all times.

Can I live in a storage unit?

No. It is against the law to live or sleep in a storage unit.